Coca Cola vs. Pepsi: The Facebook Showdown

In a thematic continuation of my last post, I would like to analyze the effectiveness of two brands’ Facebook pages: Coca Cola and Pepsi. Both brands have been keen to utilize social media in their marketing strategies, but which has managed to harness one of the premiere social media networks for their own needs? Keep in mind that I will be looking at the Facebook pages of the beverage itself, and not those for the Coca Cola Company or Pepsi Co. Furthermore, keep in mind that both brands have countless sub-pages and variants (Coca Cola India, Pepsi Arabia, etc).

Coca Cola


Coca Cola’s Facebook page comes in at a hefty 54 million “likes”, and as it says in their “about” field, is geared toward building a relationship between the brand and the people who have “helped make Coke what it is today”. Their page utilizes the timeline feature to cleverly sneak in stories from consumers, such as an entry for 1981 entitled “Husbands”, about a woman who married a man with the last name of “Coke”. The content of the website is filled with promotions, games, prizes, and images of sexy people enjoying the soda in their active lifestyles. Overall, Coca Cola’s Facebook page is very robust, with every post garnering thousands of comments.




On the other hand, Pepsi’s Facebook page is a bit anemic. Clocking in at less than 1/5th of Coca Cola’s “likes”, and without a description or “about” section, Pepsi’s Facebook page looks almost unofficial. While it also contains posts about games and promotions, and attempts to incorporate followers into the Pepsi circle, the presentation seems lacking. 

The primary difference between these two Facebook pages is the degree to which Coca Cola wrangles in its followers and creates a sphere in which everyone can interact and feel like they are a part of the action. While Pepsi’s Facebook page is littered in posts about Pepsi, both humorous and enticing, it lacks the extra step. Overall, I would say that Coca Cola’s Facebook page is more successful than Pepsi’s.


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