Coca Cola’s Smart Marketing

Coca Cola has recently overhauled their website, which now includes a robust social media presence and community-building content. The variety in the type of content is astounding, with their website reading more like The New York Times than a product website for a soft drink.



The social components of Coca Cola’s website are extensive. In particular, their “Journey” section creates fun little stories or anecdotes about Coca Cola, including a quiz that asks, “Which is a better way to enjoy Coca Cola, in a bottle, or through a soda fountain?”, or as through a story about an earthquake-proof vending machine in Japan. Ever present on all pages of their website is the full slew of social media trackers and links, complete with a “by the numbers” list of social media impressions and other impressive statistics about their market saturation and success. 

The entire feature is designed to display the brand’s vitality and universal appeal. By showing that Coca Cola is active in different aspects of the community, their website grows their brand by making it something that appears attractive and popular. Coca Cola’s new social media/community marketing website is very appealing, and, I would imagine, a great boon to their brand image.


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