Multimedia Resumes

It had to happen. At the juncture of a bad economy and the proliferation of social media and graphic design, multimedia resumes were inevitable. The desire to have one’s resume stand out from the crowd has now taken a large step into the realm of technology. But what exactly is a “multimedia” resume? It is a resume in the form of an infographic, a resume in the form of a blog, a personalized website, a clever image, etc. The definitions are broad, and that is part of what makes multimedia resumes fascinating. But will multimedia resumes become the norm, or are they a gimmick – a zeitgeist of our social media-infested era?

A cool infographic resume. (From: 


Taking this example, it’s not difficult to see why this type of resume would appeal to someone. Infographics are notorious for being eye-catching and easy to digest. As an employer, would you rather look at a plain, black-on-white piece of paper, or an image covered in rippling graphs and sparking colors? A simple list of employment has been turned into an exciting story line. It’s not difficult to see why something like this would be an effective alternative to a traditional resume.


Another example. (From:



Another approach to a multimedia resume is the social media-based strategy. By showing a potential employer a well-rounded picture of who you are, including accomplishments and personality traits, they are able to evaluate you more thoroughly and, hopefully, more accurately. This example offers a sleek, clean presentation. Another effective approach.

Depending on the job, a multimedia resume (in any form) may be the ticket to setting your application away from the herd. The important thing to remember is quality. If a potential employee does not put enough work into their presentation, the multimedia resume can fall flat. However, if a good amount of time and effort are put into the presentation, an employer will see the quality inherit in the resume.



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